Indigo Credit Card for International Use

Credit cards have become an essential part of travel in the modern world. Whether it’s booking flights, reserving hotels, accessing cash from ATMs, or making purchases abroad, having a credit card that works internationally provides significant convenience and security. However, many standard credit cards add on costly fees for each international transaction, which can quickly add up. Exchange rates may be inflated as well, taking an extra percentage off for currency conversions. This is where the Indigo Credit Card shines in comparison. Indigo was designed specifically with the frequent world traveller in mind. It provides an exceptional combination of benefits like no foreign transaction fees, excellent exchange rates, global assistance services, and premium travel insurance. For those who journey abroad regularly for business or pleasure, the Indigo card can save hundreds in fees and hassles. Let’s explore in more detail what makes this card so useful across the globe.

Benefits of the Indigo Credit Card

The Indigo Credit Card stands out through a robust suite of benefits targeting the needs of an international clientele. These perks make travel abroad simpler and more affordable.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

One of the biggest advantages of the Indigo card is the waiver of foreign transaction fees. Most credit cards impose a 3% fee on all purchases made abroad. This adds up substantially for those who travel internationally for extended periods. A $1000 hotel stay would incur $30 in fees on a typical card. But with Indigo, there are no extra percentages tacked on for international usage. This fee waiver applies to all foreign transactions including purchases, hotel/car reservations, cash withdrawals, and more. Throughout a 2 week Europe trip, a cardholder could save $100 or more in eliminated fees. For frequent world travellers, the savings are even more considerable over time. The waived foreign transaction fee makes the Indigo card a cost-effective choice.

Favorable Exchange Rates

In addition to avoiding foreign fees, the Indigo card also provides highly competitive exchange rates. Any transaction abroad requires converting from the local currency into the currency maintained in your account. Most banks use exchange rates that build in a 2-5% margin above the baseline interbank rates. But Indigo prides itself on low currency conversion fees. Their exchange rates reflect much slimmer margins of only 1-2% over interbank rates. This keeps the dollar value you receive for conversions as high as possible. So that 1000 Euro hotel stay would convert to around $1080 with Indigo, versus $1050 using a regular bank’s rates. This transparency and favorability in exchange rates add up to significant savings for globetrotters.

$0 Fraud Liability

Loss or theft of your card becomes a major hassle when travelling internationally. Replacing a card abroad can be difficult and costly. Indigo offers an important reassurance with its $0 fraud liability policy. If your card gets lost or stolen while travelling and unauthorized charges are made, you are completely protected from any liability. Indigo’s monitoring systems are designed to catch fraudulent charges rapidly. They will quickly replace your card free of charge wherever you are. The burden of replacing compromised cards while on the road can lead to a disastrous trip. Indigo’s fraud protections provide significant peace of mind when travelling abroad.

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Premier Global Assistance

Indigo understands the unique challenges world travellers face. To provide support anytime and anywhere, they offer robust global assistance services. Cardholders have 24/7 access to assistance agents by phone, chat, and email. The experts can help with lost passport/document replacement, medical/dental referrals, legal needs, emergency cash advances and more. You also get access to an emergency message relay service to update family or colleagues if a crisis arises. The assistance extends to booking hotels, rental cars, and even private jet charters. Having this global safety net provides comfort during international excursions to remote regions. Indigo’s premier assistance is available in over 150 countries and a wide range of languages.

No Annual Fee

Considering its globe-trotting benefits, it’s remarkable that the Indigo card has no annual fee. Most travel reward credit cards with premium benefits charge over $100 per year. But Indigo provides access to worldwide perks and savings at absolutely no cost. This preserves more of your vacation budget for the meaningful aspects of international travel. The no-fee advantage combined with waived foreign transaction costs makes Indigo lucrative for overseas trips.

Usage Details

To fully capitalize on its travel benefits, it’s important to understand how to use the Indigo card seamlessly worldwide.

Account Funding

The Indigo account is structured as a multi-currency prepaid card. The account can be funded through various methods including bank transfers, wire transfers, PayPal, etc. You can hold funds in the most widely used currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD and more. Indigo makes it easy to transfer amounts between these currency balances instantly. So you could shift dollars to euros before a trip abroad. This flexibility in managing currencies in one account simplifies international expenditures.

ATM Access

When travelling abroad, you’ll inevitably need to withdraw local cash from ATMs. The Indigo card enables fee-free ATM transactions globally. Within your allowance amount, there are no charges to withdraw foreign currency from Tellers, Cirrus and networks. If you exceed the limit, a small 1% access fee applies on international ATM transactions. But even that is below the typical 3-5% levied by banks. Indigo also enables higher daily ATM withdrawal limits compared to many other cards. Having robust access to local currency worldwide is a key cardholder benefit.

Digital Payments

To enable seamless mobile transactions abroad, the Indigo card is compatible with major digital wallets. You can upload your Indigo card to platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This allows contactless payments via your mobile phone or smartwatch anywhere these services are accepted. Digital payments are extremely convenient for restaurants, taxis, gift shops and other daily purchases while travelling internationally. The card’s chip and PIN security also ensure acceptance at most terminals worldwide. Indigo keeps you covered with seamless digital payment options across the globe.

Virtual Cards

While physical cards are convenient, thieves have become adept at cloning or skimming card data. Indigo has a security feature that helps protect your information. You can generate virtual credit card numbers tied to your account for one-time online purchases. This means your real card number isn’t exposed on dodgy international websites. You can set spending limits and expirations for these virtual cards. So even if the temporary virtual card becomes compromised, it can’t be exploited further. Creating virtual cards provides an extra layer of security for your financial information when travelling and making foreign online transactions.

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Additional Perks

Beyond its core global benefits, the Indigo Card includes a suite of additional travel perks.

Premium Travel Insurance

Indigo cardholders are protected by a premium travel insurance package covering trips worldwide. It includes emergency medical coverage up to $500,000 in case sickness or injury strikes abroad. There is also coverage for emergency medical transportation up to $1 million. Other included insurances are $3,000 for lost or stolen checked baggage, $1,000 for lost or stolen carry-on items, $250k for accidental death or dismemberment, $50k for emergency evacuation due to catastrophic events, and more. This robust bundled travel insurance adds considerable peace of mind when journeying to remote corners of the world. It provides coverage for both personal and business trips. Indigo also added COVID-19 benefits including medical expenses abroad, denied boarding protection, and more.

Lounge Access

A hassle of long international trips is getting stuck waiting at crowded airport terminals. Indigo cardholders enjoy complimentary access to over 1000 airport VIP lounges across 500+ cities worldwide. Unwind before flights by taking advantage of free food and drinks, high-speed wifi, spa services, and more. There is also discount access to some premium lounges not in the gratis network. Beyond airport lounges, you can enjoy preferential rates at luxury hotel chains and resorts globally. Escape the chaotic terminals and experience these oases thanks to the Indigo card.

Exclusive Events

One remarkable advantage of Indigo is access to exclusive events at destinations worldwide. Cardholders can get pre-sale tickets and VIP packages to concerts, sporting events, food/wine festivals, and more. You can attend an array of premier global events that often sell out far in advance. Indigo also lets you purchase premium tickets to theme parks, tours, and attractions at top international destinations. Enjoying exclusive entertainment and experiences is a valuable part of cultural immersion while travelling.

Card Security

While offering worldwide convenience, Indigo also packs best-in-class security features to protect your information abroad.

Chip and PIN

Indigo cards use the chip and PIN system which is the global standard for the most secure card transactions. The embedded microchip in cards provides unique encrypted data for each in-person purchase. The PIN authentication adds another layer by requiring your personal identification number to verify the chip data. This makes it extremely difficult for thieves to clone or skim card information. All European payment terminals require a chip and PIN making Indigo the safest choice for that region. These technical defences bolster security when paying in person while travelling abroad.

Biometric Authentication

Indigo allows registering your fingerprint or facial recognition as an account login method. When making a mobile payment or accessing your account, you can authenticate via biometrics as an alternative to passwords. This is far more secure than only using a password that could be observed over your shoulder abroad. Biometrics data is unique to you and it’s unlikely a thief could replicate it. Enhancing account access with biometrics provides relief knowing payments are verified by your fingerprint or face when travelling internationally.

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Activity Notifications

Indigo has real-time notifications any time a purchase or withdrawal is made on your card. You get instant push alerts on your phone about the transaction amount and location via email and SMS as well. This lets you monitor for any suspicious or fraudulent activity on the card immediately. You’re also able to set spending limits and usage restrictions customizable for different international trips. The robust notifications keep you informed to detect problems right away.


At the foundation, Indigo employs bank-level encryption and data security. This is essential when transmitting information across global cell networks. All account data, payments, and personal information are encrypted end-to-end. Indigo’s systems are compliant with the latest standards like PCI-DSS, EMV, and GDPR for data protection worldwide. You can consider all your sensitive information secured at the highest global standards.

Getting Started

To enjoy frictionless international travel with Indigo, getting approved and set up is a breeze.


The Indigo Card has minimum eligibility requirements. You’ll need a credit score of 650 or higher in most cases for approval. Residency is available in over 50 supported countries currently. Certain occupations such as gambling or cryptocurrency may be restricted from qualifying. Overall, the requirements are reasonable for most citizens who need a card tailored for worldwide usage.

Application Process

You can quickly apply online or through Indigo’s mobile app in just a few minutes. The application will request basic identity information like your name, birthdate, address, and contact information. You’ll also need to provide financial information related to income, employer, and monthly housing payments. Identification is verified during the application via photo capture or uploads. Once submitted, you will receive nearly instant approval or requests for clarifying details. The convenience of the mobile application allows getting approved for global transactions on the go.

Account Setup

When approved, you can select which currency balances you want to fund such as USD, Euros, and more. Fund your account via bank transfer or other supported payment methods. Activate your physical or virtual card to complete the setup. For enhanced security, you should register your biometric data like fingerprint or face scan as an account login method. Lastly, enable options like travel notifications and spending alerts. Once set up, your Indigo account provides access to seamless international travel perks immediately.


For today’s avid world traveller, the Indigo Credit Card delivers an unmatched combination of fee waivers, savings, security, and assistance worldwide. Major perks like no foreign transaction fees, excellent exchange rates, global assistance services, and premium insurance create a stress-free experience abroad. Digital payment options enhance convenience across the world’s cities. And robust security features like chip and PIN and biometric authentication safeguard your information everywhere. For unlocked savings and comforts, while traversing the globe, the Indigo Credit Card is an essential travel companion.

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