Bill Payment

Managing Payments on Your IndigoCard Account

Making on-time payments is essential for building your credit with IndigoCard. This guide covers everything you need to know about paying your bill and managing account payments properly.

Overview of IndigoCard

Let’s first briefly recap what the IndigoCard is:

  • Key features and benefits: IndigoCard is a credit card designed for people with limited credit history. It has no annual fee and helps build your credit through responsible usage.
  • Eligibility and approval criteria: You can qualify for IndigoCard even with poor credit or scores under 600. They evaluate your full credit profile.
  • Account setup process: Signing up is done completely online. Once approved, you get access to your account dashboard and digital card number immediately.

Payment Requirements and Due Dates

Here are the key payment terms and deadlines for IndigoCard:

Minimum monthly payment amount

You must pay at least the minimum payment, which is the greater of $25 or 1% of your statement balance.

Payment due date

Your payment must be received by the due date shown on your monthly statement, usually around the same date each month.

Late fee policy

If you miss the due date, you will be charged a late fee, of up to $40. So pay on time to avoid fees.

Payment posting timeline

Allow a few days for mailed payments to reach and be processed to avoid late fees. Online payments are faster.

Ways to Make IndigoCard Payments

You have multiple options to pay your IndigoCard bill conveniently:

Pay online via the account portal

The easiest way is through your online account dashboard or mobile app. You can pay directly from your bank.

Pay by phone

Call customer service at 866-946-9545 and make a payment by speaking to a representative.

Pay by mail

To pay by check or money order, mail your payment to the address printed on your statement. Allow mailing time.

Auto-pay setup

Arrange for fixed payments to be made automatically each month from your checking account.

Same-day payments

To ensure the quickest processing, submit payments before 5 PM local time on the due date.

Tips for Hassle-free Payments

Follow these tips to avoid headaches when making IndigoCard payments:

Sign up for e-statements

Go paperless so you get notified as soon as your statement is ready to review.

Use account alerts

Set up alerts to warn you ahead of due dates and confirm when payments are processed.

Avoid last-minute payments

Leaving payments to the last day risks processing delays and late fees.

Confirm payment went through

Log into your account to verify the payment appeared and your balance decreased.

Communicate address changes

If you move, quickly update both your card issuer and postal service with your new address.

Payment Tools and Account Management

IndigoCard offers resources to manage payments easily:

Online account dashboard

Your secure dashboard allows you to review statements, make payments, set up alerts and more.

Mobile app overview

The IndigoCard app provides convenient access to manage your account on the go.

Customer service options

Speak to a credit expert for any account questions by calling customer service.

Checking payment history

Your statements and account activity provide details on monthly payments made to understand patterns.

Troubleshooting Payment Issues

Here is how to resolve common payment problems:

Declined payments

If your payment doesn’t go through, contact customer service to check for problems like expired cards or short funds.

Processing delays

For mailed payments close to the due date, allow extra time for postal service and payment processing.

Missing due date

If you accidentally miss a due date, contact support quickly and arrange payment to stop late fees from accruing.

Fraudulent charges

Report unauthorized charges you notice to dispute those transactions and avoid paying for fraud.

Charges for the wrong amount

If your billed amount seems incorrect, get clarifications from support before paying to sort out discrepancies.

Improving Your Payment Habits

Making effortless, consistent payments takes some discipline and organization:

Set calendar reminders

Mark your due dates on your calendar or set automated reminders to prevent forgetting.

Link to the checking account

Connecting your bank account allows quicker payments without manually updating card details each time.

Pay more than minimum

Paying only the minimum monthly amount results in more interest fees over time. Pay more when possible.

Review statements closely

Carefully check statements each billing cycle for errors, fraudulent charges or overpayments.

Automate recurring payments

Set up fixed auto payments each month for a set amount to establish timely payment habits.

Managing IndigoCard payments properly helps build your credit history through responsible account usage. Use these tips and tools to pay bills effortlessly and avoid issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the minimum payment due on my IndigoCard?

A: The minimum payment is the greater of $25 or 1% of your statement balance. Paying only the minimum results in more interest fees.

Q: How can I set up automatic payments on my IndigoCard?

A: In your online account portal, you can schedule recurring auto-payments from your bank account each month to avoid missing payments.

Q: What if I make an IndigoCard payment on the due date but it is late?

A: Allow at least 5 business days for mailed payments to avoid late fees. Online payments by 5 PM local time will be processed the same day.

Q: How do I update my billing address for IndigoCard statements?

A: Log in to your account online and edit your personal details and contact information to update your billing address.

Q: What do I do if I notice fraudulent charges on my IndigoCard statement?

A: Report any unauthorized transactions immediately to customer service to dispute those charges and avoid paying for fraud.

Q: Does IndigoCard charge a fee for late payments?

A: Yes, if you miss your payment due date, you will be charged a late fee of up to $40. Pay on time each month to avoid fees.

Q: How can I get payment reminders for my IndigoCard bill?

A: Set up account alerts to get emails or texts reminding you of upcoming payment due dates and to confirm payments.

Q: What is the best way to pay quickly on my IndigoCard account?

A: The fastest way is through online payments via your account dashboard or mobile app. Telephone payments are also processed same-day.

Q: How do I check my IndigoCard statement balance and payment history?

A: Log in to your account portal where you can view PDF statements, payment history, transaction details, and current balance.

Q: What number do I call for IndigoCard customer service about payments?

A: You can call 866-946-9545 to speak with an IndigoCard representative for any payment-related questions.