Card Terms


Thank you for considering IndigoCard! Please review these card terms and conditions in detail, as they constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the bank.

Overview of Terms

This document discloses the policies and regulations governing IndigoCard accounts and debit card use. It outlines your responsibilities and rights as an account holder and card user.

Legally Binding Agreement

By submitting an IndigoCard application or using your issued card, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. You should retain this document for future reference.

Eligibility & Approval

IndigoCard maintains eligibility criteria that must be met to open an account and obtain a card.

Age and Location Requirements

To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a legal resident of the United States

We do not currently offer joint or international accounts. Business accounts are also not yet supported.

Identity Verification Process

As part of our Know Your Customer and anti-fraud requirements, we verify all applicants’ identities before account approval using personal details and documents provided.

Creditworthiness Factors

We also perform a soft credit check and evaluate your credit profile, including factors like:

  • Credit scores and history
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Bankruptcy filings and public records

Good credit is required for account approval.

Opening an Account

Here’s an overview of what to expect when applying for an IndigoCard:

Ways to Apply

You can easily apply online via our website in just minutes. Or download the IndigoCard app for iOS or Android to apply through your mobile device.

Required Application Information

During the application process, you will need to provide personal details such as:

  • Full legal name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number

This information is required to verify your identity and determine eligibility.

Funding a New Account

Once approved, you must fund your account with an opening deposit before your card can be used. Have at least $100 ready via bank account transfer. Some new accounts may require larger initial deposits.

Using Your Card

Once you receive and activate your physical or digital IndigoCard, you can start putting it to use:

Activating Your Card

When you receive your card by mail, follow the enclosed instructions to activate it and set your PIN before use. Digital cards in the app are activated automatically.

Where Your Card Works

The IndigoCard can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide – at stores, restaurants, online, over the phone, and more. Just look for the Visa logo.

Daily Use Limitations

Daily and monthly transaction limits apply when using your card for purchases or withdrawals. These limits are based on account history and displayed in your online account portal.


Here are key details about how transactions work with your IndigoCard:

Authorizing Charges

When you use your IndigoCard to make purchases, the transaction amount is authorized and immediately deducted from your available balance. However, it may take 1-3 days for the transaction to fully post.

Pending vs. Posted Status

Authorized charges will initially display as “pending” in your transaction history before posting. Ensure your balance covers pending amounts to avoid declines for insufficient funds.

Disputing Transactions

If you spot unauthorized, fraudulent, or inaccurate transactions, report them immediately. You can dispute charges directly in the IndigoCard app or by contacting customer service.

Cash Back Rewards

A key benefit of IndigoCard is the cash-back rewards program:

How Rewards Are Earned

You earn variable cash-back percentages on eligible purchases based on your rewards tier and the spending category. Rates range from 1-4% back.

Reward Categories

Higher earning rates apply for categories like gas, dining, travel, groceries, online shopping, and subscription services.

Reward Expirations and Forfeitures

Rewards do not expire as long as your account remains open. If you close your account, any unredeemed rewards are forfeited. Rewards may also be revoked if you return or cancel purchases.

Account Management

You have full control over your account through online and mobile access:

Online Account Dashboard

Our secure website and mobile app allow you to check your balance, view transaction history, change card settings, redeem rewards, and more 24/7.

Updating Personal Information

Keep your name, contact information, and other account details up-to-date by promptly reporting changes through your online account portal or mobile app.

Linking External Accounts

You can securely link external checking and savings accounts to transfer funds to your IndigoCard balance for easy access.

Statements & Records

Here’s how you can access your IndigoCard statements and transaction records:

Monthly Statements

We’ll provide electronic monthly statements summarizing your account credits, debits, fees, and rewards activity for the period. Email alerts notify you when new statements are ready.

Obtaining Detailed Records

In addition to monthly summaries, you can view or export your full detailed transaction history including merchant names, locations, categorizations, and more through your online account.

Error Resolution

Carefully review each statement and transaction record. Let us know immediately if you see any potential fraudulent, inaccurate, or unauthorized transactions so we can investigate and take action.


Given its prepaid nature, IndigoCard functions differently than a credit card when it comes to payments:

Maintaining Prepaid Balance

There are no fixed payment due dates, interest, or penalties – you simply maintain your prepaid account balance. Be sure your balance sufficiently covers any purchases and withdrawals to avoid declines.

Funds Availability Timeframes

When adding funds to your IndigoCard, the money may be temporarily unavailable for use depending on the transfer method. Direct deposits and transfers from linked accounts take up to 4 business days to fully process.

Automatic Recurring Payments

If you authorize a merchant to charge your IndigoCard regularly, you must notify them if you want to cancel the recurring billing.


You play an important role in keeping your card and account safe:

Responsibility for Securing Card

Keep your physical card secure at all times. Never share card details except when making authorized purchases.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card becomes lost, stolen or compromised, immediately report it so we can promptly deactivate it and prevent fraudulent use.

Liability Protection

Per federal law, your liability for unauthorized IndigoCard charges is limited to just $50. But you remain responsible for all authorized card usage.


Here are key considerations regarding voluntarily closing your account or having it terminated:

Voluntarily Closing an Account

You can choose to close your account anytime by contacting customer service. Account closure will deactivate your card and return any remaining funds to you.

Account Suspension or Termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts at any time due to factors like fraud, abuse, or prohibited usage per this agreement.

Impact of Account Closure

If your account is closed either by you or us, your associated digital and physical cards will be immediately deactivated. You remain liable for any authorized charges made before closure.