Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is IndigoCard?

IndigoCard is a fintech platform that offers a debit card paired with a mobile banking app. The card provides up to 4% cashback rewards on purchases and has no monthly fees. It aims to provide a modern alternative to traditional checking accounts.

Q2. How does IndigoCard make money?

IndigoCard earns money through transaction fees from merchant processors, interchange fees when the card is used, fees on premium card upgrades, interest on cash deposits, and from investing customer balances.

Q3. What are the benefits of using IndigoCard?

Benefits include up to 4% cashback rewards on eligible purchases, access to 55,000+ free ATMs, instant mobile check deposits, budgeting and spending insights through the app, no monthly fees or minimum balance, FDIC-insured funds, and premium card options with additional perks.

Q4. What can you use IndigoCard for?

The IndigoCard can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – in stores, online, over the phone, and for bill pay. It works just like a traditional debit card attached to your IndigoCard prepaid account balance.

Q5. How do I get cash-back rewards?

Cashback is earned automatically on eligible purchases. You can redeem rewards anytime with no minimums as cash deposited to your account, statement credits, or gift cards. Rates are 1-4% back depending on merchant category.

Q6. Is IndigoCard safe to use?

Yes, IndigoCard utilizes standard chip card encryption, zero fraud liability protection, 24/7 monitoring, instant freeze capability if lost/stolen, and biometric login such as fingerprint or facial recognition for account security.

Q7. What are the fees for IndigoCard?

The standard IndigoCard has no monthly, annual, overdraft, or foreign transaction fees. Upgraded premium cards have annual fees ranging from $195-$295 per year depending on card tier.

Q8. How do I sign up for IndigoCard?

You can easily sign up on the IndigoCard website or mobile app in about 5 minutes. Just provide some personal details and link an external bank account. Fund your card and start using it immediately!

Q9. Who is eligible for IndigoCard?

IndigoCard is available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 18+ with a valid SSN, U.S. address, and U.S. bank account that can be linked to transfer funds.

Q10. How long does it take to get approved for IndigoCard?

Most applications are approved instantly. You’ll know if you’re approved within minutes of submitting your application through the IndigoCard app or website.

Q11. Can I deposit cash into my IndigoCard?

You cannot directly deposit cash. However, you can convert cash to your IndigoCard balance at select retail partners like Walgreens for a small fee. Adding cash this way takes 1-2 business days.

Q12. Does IndigoCard work internationally?

Yes, the IndigoCard can be used at ATMs and merchants internationally. Be sure to enable international transactions in the app before travelling and be aware of 3% foreign transaction fees.

Q13. How do I upgrade to a premium IndigoCard?

Log in to your IndigoCard account and navigate to the Upgrades section. From there you can view available premium cards and start the request process. Approval for upgrades is based on eligibility.

Q14. What happens if I lose my IndigoCard?

Immediately freeze your lost or stolen card through the IndigoCard app. Then request a replacement. Your funds will be protected from fraudulent use thanks to instant freeze capability and zero liability protection.

Q15. How do I change the PIN for my card?

You can easily change your 4-digit card PIN anytime within the IndigoCard app. Just go to your card details and update the PIN to a new number for security.

Q16. Can minors get an IndigoCard?

No, IndigoCard is only available to legal adults aged 18 and over. Minors are not eligible to be primary cardholders at this time. Parents cannot co-sign.

Q17. What bank does IndigoCard use?

IndigoCard works with Evolve Bank & Trust as the card issuer and program manager. Member FDIC insured.

Q18. What should I do if my IndigoCard is declined?

If your card is declined, first check that you have sufficient funds available in your IndigoCard balance. Add money if needed. Also confirm the merchant accepts Visa debit cards, and double check card numbers entered online. If issues persist, contact customer service.

Q19. Does IndigoCard offer overdraft protection?

No, IndigoCard does not currently offer overdraft capabilities if balances run low. Be sure to maintain sufficient prepaid funds in your IndigoCard account to cover purchases and avoid declined transactions.

Q20. How long do cash-back rewards take to post to my account?

Cash back rewards are calculated daily and credited to your rewards balance immediately. However, you must manually redeem accrued rewards to your IndigoCard account. Most redemptions process within 1 business day.

Q21. Can I dispute a charge or fraud with IndigoCard?

Yes, you can dispute fraudulent, inaccurate, or unauthorized charges by tapping the charge in question within your IndigoCard transaction history and following the dispute process. Provide details to support your dispute.

Q22. How do I close my IndigoCard account?

You can close your account at any time by tapping “Close account” in the app sidebar menu. However, be sure to spend down or redeem any rewards first, as the remaining rewards are forfeited when closing an account.

Q23. Can I pay bills automatically with IndigoCard?

Yes, IndigoCard can be used to set up recurring automatic payments with merchants, utility companies, or other billers. Log in to biller accounts and select IndigoCard as the payment method.

Q24. What is the routing number for IndigoCard?

The routing number for IndigoCard is 123456789. You’ll need this 9-digit number for setting up direct deposits or linking external accounts. The routing number can be found in your account profile.

Q25. How do I change my login information for the app?

In the IndigoCard app, tap the profile icon in the bottom right. Then go to Settings > Login & security. Here you can update your login email, set a new password, and manage two-factor authentication.

Q26. Can I use a credit card to fund my IndigoCard?

No, you cannot directly fund IndigoCard with a credit card. You must link a valid debit card or bank account in your name, and fund your card via bank transfer or direct deposit.

Q27. How long does it take to receive my physical IndigoCard?

After account approval, your virtual IndigoCard is available instantly in the app. The physical debit card ships via mail within 7-10 business days after approval.

Q28. Can I add an authorized user to my IndigoCard?

IndigoCard currently does not allow adding authorized users or joint account holders. Each person must apply and be approved for their own separate IndigoCard account.

Q29. How do I update my address on file with IndigoCard?

To update the address associated with your IndigoCard account, tap your profile picture in the app and go to personal information. Here you can edit addresses for billing, shipping, home, and mailing.

Q30. Does IndigoCard offer a referral or signup bonus?

Unfortunately, IndigoCard does not currently offer any referral bonuses or signup bonuses for new cardholders. You do not get any extra rewards for referring friends or meeting initial spending requirements.

Q31. What documents do I need to apply for IndigoCard?

To complete the IndigoCard application, you will need a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. You’ll also need your Social Security Number and contact information available.

Q32. Can I link multiple bank accounts to my IndigoCard?

Yes, you can link up to two external bank accounts to your IndigoCard by providing the account and routing numbers during signup or under settings. This allows you to transfer funds from multiple accounts.

Q33. How long does it take for rewards redemptions to post to my account?

Most cash-back rewards redemptions process within 1 business day. The funds will be deposited into your IndigoCard account balance or posted as a statement credit quickly after redeeming.

Q34. What is the interest rate on IndigoCard account balances?

IndigoCard does not pay interest on prepaid account balances. It operates like a debit card, not a savings account. Your funds do not earn interest while deposited in your IndigoCard balance.

Q35. Can I customize the design of my physical IndigoCard?

IndigoCard currently does not offer customized or co-branded card designs. All physical cards have the same standard IndigoCard branding and artwork. Custom cards may be an option in the future.

Q36. Is there a spending or withdrawal limit on my card?

Yes, IndigoCard does impose daily, weekly, and monthly spending and withdrawal limits on debit card transactions based on your account history and verification level. The exact limits can be found in your account dashboard.

Q37. Does IndigoCard report to credit bureaus?

No, IndigoCard itself does not report any information to the major credit bureaus. However, they do perform a soft credit check when you apply, which can display as an inquiry on your credit file.

Q38. How do I receive a refund on my IndigoCard?

If you need to process a merchant refund on an IndigoCard purchase, the refund can be issued back to the IndigoCard in the same manner as the original payment. Refunds generally take 3-5 business days to post.

Q39. Can I use my IndigoCard at gas stations?

Yes, the IndigoCard can be used to pay at gas stations. Gas purchases qualify for 4% cash back rewards, making it a great option at the pump. Just insert or swipe your card and enter your zip code.