Key Features

Introducing the Indigo Credit Card

The Indigo Credit Card aims to provide a compelling mix of rewards, affordability, flexibility and account management convenience combating top competitor offerings. As a new market entry competing against established names in the card industry, highlighting the Indigo Card’s compelling value drivers is key to consumer adoption. Below we detail the premiere features setting this card apart.

Overview of Card and Benefits

The Indigo Card focuses specifically on maximizing cashback earnings across common spending categories without charging an annual fee. Lucrative welcome bonuses, introductory 0% financing rates, and robust account controls round out the card’s core differentiators versus alternatives. If you want to accelerate returns on everyday purchases, keep reading to learn how the Indigo Card achieves that.

Purpose of Key Features Breakdown

We will examine the promotional highlights and structural advantages built into the Indigo Credit Card to showcase precisely how and why this newcomer card warrants consideration for wallet inclusion over legacy options that may initially come to mind.

Earning Cash Back Rewards

The Indigo Card’s flexible rewards structure creates plenty of opportunities to earn at above-average rates compared to the competitive landscape. Specifically:

Up to 5% Cash Back in Quarterly Bonus Categories

Each quarter, earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases made in rotating categories like grocery, dining, entertainment, gas stations, online shopping, and more. Just activate the enhanced rate each quarter.

Unlimited Rewards Earnings

Unlike competitors, the Indigo Card imposes no quarterly or annual redemption caps when cashing in earned rewards. Note any applicable minimums still apply.

Reward Redemption Ease

Cash-out accrued rewards whenever desired into a bank account, apply as a statement credit against your balance, or redeem for gift cards/online shopping credit. No blackout dates!

Lucrative Sign-Up Bonus

The Indigo Card features a valuable welcome offer allowing cardholders to extract additional value from necessary spending ramping up initially:

$200 Bonus After Meeting Minimum Spend Requirement

To qualify for the one-time $200 cash bonus, simply charge $500 cumulatively on card purchases within the first 3 billing cycles upon opening your account. Any spending category qualifies to generate quick returns.

Low Minimum Spend Threshold

With only $500 required within a 90-day window, even routine household expenses should unlock the full $200 welcome bonus cashback accelerating your ongoing percentage-based rewards.

0% Introductory APR Offer

0% intro APR promotions provide payment flexibility managing large essential purchases or consolidating existing higher-rate balances from other credit cards more affordable over time. Specifically, the Indigo Card provides:

0% APR for the First 12 Months

This 1 year long intro period features no interest for purchases or qualifying balance transfers initiated within the first 60 days of account opening. After the intro APR expires, ongoing APR reverts to competitive variable rate terms disclosed at account opening.

Qualified Transactions

The 0% deal applies when financing new purchases of any size that post during the promotional timeframe. For transferring existing debt, minimum transfer amounts apply. See terms.

Compared to the Balance Transfer Incentive

Separate from purchases, the Indigo Card also offers a competitive upfront balance transfer offer detailed later worth examining when looking to consolidate debts from other credit lines onto this new account.

No Annual Fee

The Indigo Card never charges an annual fee to hold or use the card after approval. This long-term cost advantage adds up substantially:

Saving $50, $100 or More Yearly

Competitors often charge annual fees ranging from $50 to upwards of $100+ for premium travel rewards cards, cutting into users’ net earnings. The no-fee Indigo Card avoids this cash drain allowing you to keep more bonus rewards each year.

Balance Transfer Incentive

To facilitate consumers consolidating high-interest credit card debt from other issuers onto their new Indigo Card at a lower cost over time, the account features a tailored balance transfer incentive:

0% Intro APR for 12 Months with No Balance Transfer Fee

This provides a year of no-interest financing when transferring over existing debt while waiving standard balance transfer fees often 3-5% of amounts moved. Applies to qualifying transfer amounts completed within 60 days of account opening.

Example Repayment Savings

For a $5,000 total balance consolidated via the Indigo Card’s transfer promo versus sticking with a 22% APR old card, estimated interest fees saved exceed $1,000 over 12 months!


Check the Indigo Card’s terms for the full balance transfer policies, interest savings estimates, qualified amounts and more details activating this bonus offer.

Strong Security Provisions

Maintaining account security provides peace of mind against fraud:

Sophisticated Fraud Monitoring

The Indigo Card employs advanced real-time analytics on all transactions initiated in your name, flagging suspicious activity automatically behind the scenes to stop fraudulent purchases.

Ability to Lock/Unlock Card

Via your online account portal or mobile app, instantly lock your card blocking all transactions when travelling or not in use. Later unlock instantly when ready to make normal purchases again—no calls are required to activate these security controls against unauthorized charges.

Account Access & Management

Managing the Indigo Card is made simple via online and mobile tools enabling customized controls:

Mobile App Platform

Check balances, review transactions, redeem rewards and more all on iOS or Android apps with fingerprint/facial recognition login.

Account Dashboard

The online cardmember site allows reviewing statements and documents, making one-time payments, setting up recurring billing, updating profile details, handling account maintenance, accessing support and more at your fingertips.

Contactless Payment Option

For added purchasing convenience, the Indigo Card supports easy tap-to-pay functionality using RFID chip technology:

Enabling Contactless Transactions

Simply hold your Indigo Card against compatible point-of-sale terminals to wirelessly complete payments under contactless amount thresholds with no swiping or dipping required.

Built-In RFID Chip

The embedded smart chip inside the card facilitates tap-to-pay contactless transactions. Watch for the contactless payment logo displayed at checkout.

Start Earning Today!

Now that you appreciate the Indigo Card’s unique combination of lucrative ongoing cashback rewards, upfront welcome bonuses, free 0% financing options, and robust account management access, apply to get approved and start taking advantage of these speedy savings opportunities and simplified account controls!