Indigo Card Balance: Check Yours Now!

Chapters Indigo is a leading Canadian book, gift, and speciality toy retailer with locations across the country. Founded in 1996 after the merger of Chapters and Indigo Books, Chapters Indigo has become the largest book and gift retailer in Canada. In addition to books, Chapters Indigo stores also offer a wide selection of lifestyle merchandise, toys, electronics, stationery, and home décor.

One of the best perks of shopping at Chapters Indigo is the Plum Rewards loyalty program. The Plum Rewards program allows customers to earn points on their purchases which can then be redeemed for discounts and rewards. Plum Rewards members earn 1 plum point for every $1 spent at Chapters Indigo in-store or online. These points can be redeemed in-store or online for discounts on future purchases. Additional plum points can also be earned through special promotions, by reading and reviewing books, or by referring friends to join the loyalty program.

Plum Rewards get even better when you link your account to the Chapters Indigo Mastercard. With a Chapters Indigo Mastercard, members earn 5 plum points per $1 spent at Chapters Indigo instead of just 1 point. The Mastercard also earns 1 plum point per $1 on all other purchases made anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Linking your Plum Rewards to a Chapters Indigo Mastercard amplifies your earnings so you can redeem rewards faster.

Getting a Chapters Indigo Mastercard

The Chapters Indigo Mastercard provides Plum Rewards members with enhanced earnings on all purchases. In addition to the 5x points at Chapters Indigo stores, the card also offers 1x points on groceries, dining, entertainment, travel and any other purchases. This makes it easy to rack up points for redemption even on your everyday expenses outside of books and gifts.

To be eligible for a Chapters Indigo Mastercard, you must be a Canadian resident age of majority in your province/territory and have an annual personal income of at least $12,000. Applications can be completed online or in-store at any Chapters Indigo location. The application process only takes a few minutes and approval is generally quick. Once approved, you can begin using your digital card instantly while waiting for the physical card to arrive by mail.

The Chapters Indigo Mastercard has no annual fee which means the points you earn through everyday spending come at no extra cost. The card also occasionally offers special incentives such as welcome bonuses or seasonal promotions to earn bonus plum points. If you are an avid Chapters Indigo shopper, the Mastercard is one of the best ways to maximize your Plum Rewards benefits.

Checking Your Plum Rewards Point Balance

Once you start using your Chapters Indigo Mastercard and earning plum points, you’ll want to check your balance regularly to monitor your rewards earnings. There are several convenient ways to check your plum point balance:

Plum & Co Mobile App

The Plum & Co mobile app allows you to check your plum points balance and full transaction history right from your smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android. It provides real-time access to your points balance and details on points earned and redeemed.

Online Account

You can log into your online Plum Rewards account on the Chapters Indigo website to check your updated Plum points balance. Your full transaction history will also be visible including pending points not yet credited to your balance.

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In-Store at Checkout

When shopping in-store at Chapters Indigo, your current plum points balance will be printed at the bottom of every receipt. Cashiers can also provide your points balance upon request.

Customer Service Phone Line

Calling Chapters Indigo customer service at 1-866-961-PLUM is another way to inquire about your plum points balance. Representatives can look up your account details and provide your current points total.

Whenever you check your plum points balance, be sure to review any pending points that have been earned but not yet credited to your account. Points can take up to 5 business days after a qualifying purchase to be reflected in your balance. It’s also important to take note of any points that may be expiring soon so you can use them in time.

Using Plum Points for Rewards

The best part about collecting plum points is redeeming them for rewards! The Plum Rewards program offers a variety of ways you can use your points for savings and freebies. Here are some of the different types of plum rewards available:

In-Store Purchase Discounts

At checkout in Chapters Indigo stores, you can opt to redeem your plum points for discounts on your purchase. You can use your points to take 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40% off the subtotal based on how many points you have available. Using points for discounts

in-store is a great way to save on books, gifts, toys, electronics and more.

Online Purchase Discounts

Plum points can also be redeemed online at for discounts on your order. On the checkout page, you can enter promo codes associated with redeeming points for 10-40% off your subtotal. This allows you to save on online-only deals and items you can’t find in-store.

Free Products

Another popular redemption option is to get free products with your plum points. Chapters Indigo offers a selection of books, gifts, toys, and more that can be earned for free by redeeming a specific amount of points. The free item rewards change frequently, so be sure to check the latest offerings.

Charitable Donations

Through the Plum Gives program, you can opt to donate some or all of your plum points to select charitable organizations. This allows you to give back to causes you care about in your community. Charities include literacy foundations, children’s hospitals, animal welfare organizations and more.

Bonus Point Events

Periodically throughout the year, Chapters Indigo runs bonus point redemption promotions either tied to specific products or sitewide. Keep an eye out for these special events which allow you to maximize the value of redeeming your points. You may be able to score discounts of up to 50% off or other enhanced rewards during these promotions.

To get the best value from your plum points, be strategic about when and how you redeem them. Please take advantage of bonus redemption events, use points before they expire, and combine point redemptions with other discounts and promotions for extra savings whenever possible.

Checking Your Chapters Indigo Mastercard Balance

In addition to monitoring your plum points balance, it’s also important to regularly check the balance and activity on your Chapters Indigo Mastercard account. This will allow you to closely manage payments, avoid interest charges, and watch for fraudulent activity.

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You have a few different options for checking your Chapters Indigo Mastercard balance:

Online Banking

If you have your Chapters Indigo Mastercard connected to your online bank account, you can check your current balance and available credit there. You may also be able to view recent transactions made with the card.

Mobile Banking App

Similarly, mobile banking apps also typically allow you to view credit card account balances and recent activity. Monitoring your Chapters Indigo card through your bank’s mobile app provides easy access on the go.

Paper Statements

You can choose to receive monthly printed statements for your Chapters Indigo Mastercard by mail. Review statements carefully to confirm payment due dates, interest charges, fees, and all transaction details for the period.

Mastercard Online Account Access

You can register your Chapters Indigo card on the Mastercard website to access your account directly from the issuer. There you can check your balance, available credit, transactions, statements and more all in one place.

Customer Service

Calling the toll-free number on the back of your Chapters Indigo Mastercard allows you to speak with a customer service representative who can review details about your account balance and activity.

When reviewing your card balance and monthly statements, watch for any fraudulent charges or billing errors. Be sure to report any discrepancies promptly to avoid being held responsible for unauthorized transactions. You’ll also want to make sure you are aware of upcoming payment due dates and avoid any late fees by paying your bill on time each month.

Managing Your Chapters Indigo Mastercard

To keep your Chapters Indigo Mastercard in good standing, it’s important to make payments on time each month and properly manage your account. Here are some tips:

Payment Options

You have several options for making payments on your Chapters Indigo Mastercard:

  • Set up automatic payments directly from your bank account to pay your bill in full each month
  • Make one-time online payments via your credit card account website
  • Pay by cheque or money order and mail your payment to the address on your statement
  • Make in-person payments at your bank branch

Avoiding Interest

To avoid accruing costly credit card interest on your Chapters Indigo Mastercard, always pay your full statement balance by the due date each month. This allows you to take advantage of the interest-free grace period on new purchases. If you sometimes carry a balance month-to-month, consider consolidating any existing balances to a lower-interest credit card or line of credit.

Reducing Fees

You can minimize fees on your Chapters Indigo Mastercard with responsible account management strategies:

  • Pay your balance on time each month to avoid late payment fees
  • Avoid cash advances which charge high transaction fees
  • Stick to your credit limit to dodge over-limit fees

Set Alerts

Set up transaction alerts through your mobile banking app or account portal online. Alerts can notify you of important activity like charges over a certain dollar amount, approaching your credit limit, due dates and more.

Making the Most of Your Chapters Indigo Mastercard

Using your Chapters Indigo credit card strategically allows you to maximize the many perks and rewards available:

Earn Plum Points

Be sure to use your Chapters Indigo Mastercard for all purchases at Chapters Indigo locations and to take advantage of the 5x plum points earning rate. You’ll rack up points quickly on books, gifts, home items and more.

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Redeem Special Offers

Take advantage of special cardholder-only offers from Chapters Indigo. These may include personalized point bonuses, free shipping promotions, early access to sales and events, and more. Offers are typically communicated via email or when you log into your Plum account.

Enjoy Mastercard Benefits

Along with earning plum points, the Chapters Indigo Mastercard comes with standard Mastercard benefits and perks. These include things like retail discounts, purchase protection, Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services, and more. Check your cardholder agreement for the full range of benefits.

Maximize Seasonal Bonuses

Be on the lookout for seasonal or limited-time promotions on your Chapters Indigo Mastercard for chances to earn extra plum points quickly. Popular promotions include 5x or 10x points events and big welcome bonuses for new cardholders.

Use Digital Wallets

Adding your Chapters Indigo Mastercard to digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay makes it easy to earn points anywhere those mobile payments are accepted. Digital wallets allow contactless earning when you’re on the go.

Resources for Managing Your Chapters Indigo Credit Card

If you ever have questions about your Chapters Indigo credit card or Plum Rewards account, there are many available resources to assist:

Account Websites and Mobile Apps

You can find support through the Chapters Indigo Mastercard website and mobile app as well as the Plum & Co. mobile app. These let you directly message customer service, check FAQs, access account details and more.

Customer Service Phone and Chat

Talk to a live agent any time by calling the toll-free customer service number on your card or initiating an online chat on the website. Phone and chat support are available 24/7.

Email Support

You can email questions and issues regarding your Chapters Indigo credit card or plum account to [email protected]. A customer service representative will respond with assistance via email.

Bank Branches

For in-person support, you can visit the nearest branch location for your issuing bank. Talk directly to bank staff about managing your credit card, making payments, and any other questions.

Educational Resources

Take advantage of official educational resources offered by Chapters Indigo and your issuing bank to learn more about properly managing your credit card. Helpful resources may include FAQ pages, user guides/manuals, webinars, tutorials and more.

Newsletters and Social Media

Opting into email newsletters and following social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can provide helpful tips, reminders and quick assistance with any questions related to your Chapters Indigo Mastercard.

Closing Summary

The Chapters Indigo Plum Rewards program provides a great opportunity to earn free books, gifts, discounts and other rewards when you shop at your favourite bookstore. Pairing Plum Rewards with a Chapters Indigo Mastercard amplifies the earning potential through your everyday credit card purchases. Checking your plum point balance and Chapters Indigo credit card activity regularly allows you to maximize the program benefits. Redeem points strategically, look for bonus point promotions, take advantage of cardholder perks and use the available resources to get the most out of your Chapters Indigo Plum Rewards Mastercard.

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