Pay Indigo Card by Phone: Easy and Convenient!

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. Contactless and mobile payments provide the instant gratification that busy consumers desire. Rather than fumbling with cash or cards, a simple tap or click can complete transactions in seconds. Your phone effectively becomes your wallet, with payment credentials stored virtually.

Leading the way in mobile pay innovation is Indigo. The Indigo card and app allow for seamless on-the-go payments directly from your iOS or Android device. By registering your card in the app, you can pay at checkout, online, or in apps with ease. Features like contactless payments and QR codes remove the need to carry your physical card altogether.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how paying with your Indigo card by phone can optimize and simplify your spending experience.

Getting Started with the Indigo Card App

To start taking advantage of mobile payments, you first need to download the Indigo app for iOS or Android. The free app can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements—you’ll need iOS 12.0 or later or Android 6.0 or later.

Installation of the 50MB app is quick and easy. You’ll be guided through accepting the necessary permissions and access to mobile features like your camera, contacts, fingerprint or face recognition, and location services. Rest assured the app incorporates industry-leading data encryption and security safeguards.

Once installed, open the Indigo app and select the option to add a new card. You’ll be prompted to enter your physical Indigo card details including the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV code. Next, you’ll verify your identity by providing personal information like your SSN, date of birth, and residential address. This information is necessary to properly register you as a cardholder and authorize the use of the card.

After entering your card data and personal info, agree to Indigo’s Terms of Service. Then, confirm your registration via the email or text notification sent by Indigo. Within moments, your Indigo card will be ready for mobile payments through the app!

Securing the App with Biometrics or a PIN

Before you can start using your mobile card, the Indigo app requires setting up a secure sign-in method. You have the option to enable fingerprint or facial recognition via FaceID or create a PIN code. This will allow quick, authentic access to make payments without needing to enter cumbersome passwords each time.

For fingerprint or facial recognition, you’ll follow the on-screen prompts to capture your biometric data. For a PIN code, choose a 4-6 digit PIN

that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. Be sure not to use obvious numbers like your birthday or repetitions like 112233.

Once your fingerprint, FaceID, or PIN is set up, you’ll be able to instantly sign in by tapping your fingerprint or face or entering your PIN. This provides secure convenience when you need to access your Indigo account on the go.

To complete the setup process, the app will have you make your first payment by adding a default billing address. Enter the residential address you’d like associated with card purchases. Saving this address makes checkout a breeze when paying with your phone.

Using the App to Pay with Your Phone

Now for the fun part—actually using your Indigo card via the app to make transactions. There are several convenient ways you can pay by phone:

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Activating Contactless Payments

To make contactless payments in stores, first ensure NFC (Near Field Communication) payments are enabled in your phone’s settings. Then with the Indigo app open, select your registered card. You’ll receive a confirmation that the card is active. Finally, when you’re ready to pay at checkout, simply hold your phone near the contactless terminal until it beeps or displays confirmation of payment. It’s that easy!

Contactless mobile payments are just as fast and secure as tapping a physical credit card. Thanks to tokenization, your actual card number is never shared during transactions.

Paying Online or In-Apps

For online shopping or paying within mobile apps, choose your Indigo card which is stored in the app as your payment method. You’ll validate it’s you via the fingerprint, FaceID, or PIN login. Once verified, your payment is processed instantly through the saved details.

Storing your card in the Indigo app makes online purchases simple. No need to fetch your physical wallet or type in card numbers. Your credentials are safely stored and tokenized for security.

Paying with QR Codes

To pay using a QR code, open your Indigo app and locate the unique QR associated with your card. At checkout, the cashier will scan this QR which contains your payment information securely embedded. Alternatively, some stores allow self-checkout by presenting your QR for scanning at the terminal.

After you see confirmation of the QR scan, review and approve the payment details right from your phone screen. QR codes provide added convenience, allowing you to pay swiftly without your physical card present.

Splitting Bills with Friends

Splitting the bill with friends or family is a breeze with the Indigo app. Simply use the ‘Split Bill’ feature to enter the total amount owed along with the payment details for each person, either their card or an email address to request funds.

Your friends will receive a notification inviting them to review and pay their portion of the bill directly from their phone. No more limiting payments to one card or chasing down cash reimbursements. Bill splitting made easy!

Managing Recurring Payments

Under the payments section of the Indigo app, you can view and manage upcoming recurring payments—no need to log on to multiple sites. See at a glance all your automatic subscriptions, gym memberships, video streaming services, and more.

Easily cancel upcoming recurring payments if needed right through the app. This visibility allows you to identify and stop unwanted recurring charges before they hit your card.

Sending Money to Others

Need to pay back a friend or send funds to family? Use the peer-to-peer money transfer feature in the Indigo app. Just select a contact, enter their email address or account details, specify the amount, and send funds directly from your Indigo card balance.

Transfers occur instantly for a small fee. The flexible transfer options in the app make splitting shared costs or sending money a breeze.

Leaving Tips After Paying

Here’s a hand tip for service workers and delivery drivers – use the Indigo app to add a tip after completing a transaction. When finalizing a payment, you’ll be prompted with the option to leave a tip. Adjust the tip amount as desired before the charge is processed.

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Leaving a tip digitally ensures your gratuity reaches your server rather than relying on cash. It’s a seamless way to show your appreciation.

Advanced App Features and Account Management

Beyond mobile payments, the Indigo app provides a robust suite of features for managing your account:

Spending Analysis and Budgeting

Stay on top of your spending with detailed data and analytics provided in-app. Charts illustrate spending patterns by transaction category or merchant types over custom date ranges. Gain valuable insights into where your money goes.

Optimize your finances further by setting monthly budgets across common spending categories like dining, shopping, travel, etc. You’ll receive alerts when approaching or exceeding budget thresholds, allowing you to adjust spending behaviour before overspending.

Foreign Transactions

Traveling internationally? Use your Indigo card abroad with no foreign transaction fees. The app displays the local currency amount for seamless international purchases. All transactions are automatically converted at daily exchange rates for peace of mind.

Changing Card Settings

Under the Settings menu, manage your Indigo card preferences and security at any time. Turn contactless payments on or off, adjust transaction notifications, set or update your PIN code, change your billing address, and more based on your needs.

Freezing a Lost or Stolen Card

If your physical Indigo card is ever lost or stolen, you can immediately freeze your card right in the app to prevent fraudulent use. Report the lost or stolen status and Indigo will promptly issue you a replacement card sent to your address on file.

In the interim, you can request a virtual card within the app for online or mobile payments until your replacement physical card arrives. This way you avoid disruption to your spending ability.

Disputing Fraudulent Charges

Unfortunately, debit/credit card fraud still occurs periodically. If you ever see an unauthorized charge or fraudulent transaction on your Indigo card, report it immediately via the app.

Provide details on the disputed charge and Indigo will initiate an investigation. Invalid charges are swiftly removed so you don’t take a hit. You’ll receive provisional credit until the dispute is settled.

Managing Statements and Documents

Access up to 18 months of historical statements and account documents directly in the Indigo app. Statements can be viewed or downloaded as PDFs for easy recordkeeping and tracking of spending patterns over time.

Stay organized by keeping statements, tax documents, and other cardholder materials centralized rather than scattered across emails or websites. The details you need are always at your fingertips within the app.

Checking Rewards and Redemptions

Monitor your rewards points earnings and redemption options directly in the app. Track your progress toward the next reward tier. Then redeem accrued points for cash back, gift cards, travel, or merchandise.

Cardholders earn up to 5% cashback on eligible purchases. With notifications when rewards are earned plus easy access to redemptions, you can fully capitalize on this benefit of the Indigo card.

Changing the Payment Due Date

For convenience, your monthly payment due date can be adjusted within the Indigo app. Choose any due date between the 1st and 28th of the month to align with your cash flow schedule.

As long as the minimum payment is received by the due date, you can avoid late fees. Pick a due date that optimizes when and how you want to pay your bill.

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Upgrading or Downgrading Your Card

Over time, your spending needs and preferences may change. Request an upgrade to the premium “Plus” card directly through the app to unlock a higher credit limit, lower interest rate, airline fee credit, lounge access, and other premium benefits. Or downgrade to the “Basic” no-frills card if warranted.

Review the new terms and features for the upgraded or downgraded card, then confirm your selection in-app. Your account will be modified right away with your requested card.

Security, Privacy and Assistance

Of course, payment apps require rigorous security. Indigo incorporates the latest encryption, tokenization, biometrics, and fraud monitoring to keep your information safe. Additional features like Verified by Visa bolster security further for total peace of mind across all transactions.

Verified by Visa Authentication

For online shopping, Verified by Visa adds an extra layer of authentication to prevent unauthorized access in the event a merchant site is compromised. When checking out, you’ll enter a one-time passcode sent via push notification or text message. This unique code validates that you are a genuine cardholder.

Priority Assist Customer Support

If any payment issues ever arise, Indigo’s Priority Assist line provides 24/7 support via chat or phone call through the app. Whether you have card troubles abroad or can’t recall your PIN, their team is ready and able to swiftly resolve matters so you can get back to spending worry-free.

Privacy and Protection

You can trust that Indigo prioritizes privacy and data protection. The app incorporates end-to-end encryption so payment details are never stored on your device. Personal information is never sold or shared. For extra safety, you have the option to remotely wipe your Indigo card data from your phone when needed.

Indigo’s state-of-the-art security and authentication measures keep your payments protected while their commitment to privacy keeps your personal information confidential.

Payments Anywhere, Anytime

As we’ve explored, the Indigo card coupled with the mobile

app provides the ultimate payment convenience. By registering your card in the Indigo app, transactions become stress-free and instant whether you’re tapping to pay at checkout, transferring money to friends, or making purchases online.

Advanced features allow complete control over your account, spending, and payments right from your fingertip. Splitting bills, earning rewards, freezing cards, disputing charges—it’s all possible directly in the app. One centralized hub lets you manage finances and payments smarter.

Quick, secure, private. Paying by phone with Indigo means streamlined spending without the hassles of physical cards. Thanks to innovations like contactless payments, QR codes, and tokenized security, your phone can completely replace a wallet. The days of fumbling through cash and cards are over.

Mobile payments are indeed the future. According to experts, over 80% of smartphone users will utilize mobile payments by 2025 as more stores embrace contactless technology and digital wallets.

With user-friendly tools for controlling your money combined with next-generation payment security, Indigo leads this revolution. Convenience, simplicity, privacy—that’s what Indigo delivers. Paying on the go has never been easier thanks to your phone plus the ingenious Indigo card and app. Ditch the wallet and welcome smart, stress-free spending.

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