Unlock Rewards with Kotak IndiGo Card!

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s premium Kotak Indigo credit card offers its holders a suite of attractive benefits and perks that can be maximized to provide great value. With features like 6% cash back on dining and entertainment, complimentary domestic airport lounge access, 1% fuel surcharge waiver and global acceptance, it is a card worth having in your wallet if you can use it effectively. This article will provide tips and guidance on making the most of key Indigo card benefits.

An Overview of the Indigo Card

The Kotak Indigo credit card comes in two variants – Regular and Signature, with annual fees of Rs. 499 (+GST) and Rs. 999 (+GST) respectively. Some standout benefits offered by the card include:

  • 6% cashback on spends in dining, movies, and international travel categories
  • Complimentary domestic airport lounge access for Signature cardholders
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions between Rs. 500-4000
  • Lifetime free credit card after payment of annual fees for the first year
  • Contactless payments enabled for quick tap-and-go transactions
  • Global acceptance at over 40 million outlets worldwide

These benefits make the Indigo card a great option for frequent travellers, movie and food lovers, globetrotters or anyone who wants to get extra value from their credit card. But to truly maximize the perks, you need to use the card smartly and optimize your spending patterns.

Maximize Dining and Entertainment Rewards

One of the biggest attractions of the Indigo card is the 6% cashback rewards across major dining and entertainment merchants. This includes leading restaurant chains like Mcdonalds’, Domino’s, KFC, food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato as well as multiplexes like PVR, Inox and amusement parks.

To make the most of this:

  • Use the Indigo card as your go-to card for all dining out expenses – on weekends with family, workday lunches with colleagues or late-night meals with friends.
  • For entertainment, buy all movie tickets at PVR with the card and pay for gaming zone entries, theme park rides etc. to earn accelerating rewards.
  • Opt for the card’s dining and entertainment offers at partner outlets for extra savings.
  • Don’t forget smaller expenses like coffee or ice cream outings – it all adds up.
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With at least 2-3 restaurant visits and a movie trip per month for an urban cardholder, this can easily mean Rs. 3000-4000 of eligible spending. You could accumulate over Rs. 2000 worth of cashback benefits annually just from dining and entertainment spending through the 6% cashback program.

Travel Benefits – Lounge Access, Fuel Surcharge Waiver

The Indigo card aims to make travel more affordable and comfortable through benefits like complimentary airport lounge access and fuel surcharge waiver.

  • Domestic lounge access is free for Signature cardholders – so take full advantage when travelling within India by arriving early and refreshing at lounges before flights.
  • International lounge access is also available by paying nominal fees as an add-on – useful for long layovers or making long-haul flights more bearable.
  • The 1% fuel surcharge waiver lets you save on otherwise applicable transaction charges at petrol pumps. Use the Indigo card for fuel payments between Rs. 500-4000 to enjoy the waiver.

To maximize travel perks:

  • Use the card for all travel bookings – flights, hotels, car rentals.
  • Tap for cab rides and pay tolls digitally with the card.
  • Buy foreign currency through the card to save on markups.

With at least 2 domestic trips and 1 international trip per year, Indigo cardholders can save Rs. 4000-5000 annually on surcharges and lounge access fees.

Global Acceptance and Contactless Convenience

A major plus of the Indigo card is that you can use it internationally without hassles. It offers:

  • Global acceptance – Use it seamlessly for POS and online purchases abroad. Saves on cross-currency conversion fees imposed by other cards.
  • Contactless payments – The card supports contactless transactions through RFID technology. Just tap and go for quick payments below Rs. 2000 without needing to insert or enter a PIN.

When travelling overseas:

  • Carry only your Indigo card to avoid cross-currency fees on other cards. Stick to Indigo for all international expenditures.
  • Use contactless payments for quick transactions – subway tickets, food stalls, taxis, shopping. Avoid international transaction fees that apply to chip-and-PIN payments.
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These features make international trips and payments very convenient. Indigo also offers contactless convenience within India – use it to swiftly pay highway tolls or small utility bills by tapping.

Managing Your Card Account

The Indigo card aims to provide convenience and flexibility in managing your card account as well. Some key capabilities include:

  • Lifetime free credit card – No annual fees payable after you pay the annual fee for the first year. This saves significantly in the long run.
  • Online account management – Kotak Net Banking and Mobile Banking app enable you to manage your card account digitally. Activate the card, view statements or raise requests instantly from your smartphone.

To manage your account effectively:

  • Set up payment due date alerts to avoid missing out on statement settlement.
  • Check statements regularly to monitor spending and identify unauthorized transactions promptly.
  • Before international trips, activate international usage on the card through NetBanking to avoid transaction declines abroad.

Proper account management helps you keep on top of dues, expenses and card security. This helps retain the lifetime free credit benefit in the long term.

Practicing Responsible Credit Behavior

While optimizing benefits, cardholders should exhibit responsible credit behaviour as well. This includes:

  • Paying credit card bills in full by the due date every billing cycle. If unable to pay in full, pay more than the minimum amount indicated.
  • Avoid excessive credit card debt by not overspending beyond repayment capacity. Don’t withdraw cash using the card or pay off existing loans using it.
  • Set a monthly budget for credit card usage and ensure total spending remains within the budget.
  • Stay within the prescribed credit limit on the card. Contact the bank for a limit increase based on eligibility if required.

Such behaviour has benefits like:

  • Timely bill payments get reported to credit bureaus, helping build a healthy credit score.
  • Financial prudence makes lenders more willing to offer higher credit limits or loan approvals.

So use the Indigo card wisely, not excessively, and repay dues diligently to establish responsible credit habits.

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Additional Features and Add-Ons

Besides the major benefits highlighted earlier, the Indigo card also offers some value-adding features:

  • Balance Transfer Facility – Transfer outstanding dues from other credit cards to the Indigo card at lower interest rates. This reduces the interest burden on high-cost debt.
  • EMI Facility – Convert high-value purchases into Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) plans at nominal interest rates. Useful for big-ticket purchases like consumer durables or electronics.
  • Add-on Cards – Get supplementary Indigo cards for family members with a shared credit limit. Handy for managing expenses centrally.
  • Offers – Ongoing merchant offers, cashback coupons on online portals, discounts on partner brands etc. Add savings to everyday shopping.

To maximize these:

  • Transfer balances from expensive cards to lower interest burdens.
  • Opt for EMIs on large purchases to limit the impact on cash flows.
  • Get add-on cards for dependents you can monitor easily.
  • Check the portal for the latest offers before shopping online.

Key Takeaways

To summarize, the Kotak Indigo Credit Card brings an attractive mix of rewards, travel benefits, convenience and flexibility:

  • The 6% cashback makes it very rewarding for frequent dining and entertainment spending.
  • Complimentary lounge access and fuel surcharge waiver provide exceptional travel perks.
  • Global acceptance and contactless tap-and-go offer convenience.
  • Lifetime free credit and online account management create long-term savings.
  • Features like EMIs, balance transfer and add-on cards enhance functionality.

To enjoy these benefits sustainably, use the card judiciously, make timely repayments and follow prudent credit practices. This will help cardholders derive the optimal value from the Indigo card over the long run.


The Kotak Indigo Card certainly packs a punch when it comes to the richness of benefits offered. By spending smartly and optimizing card usage across spending categories, Indigo cardholders can maximize rewards, savings and convenience. At the same time, responsible credit behaviour ensures continued access to these benefits while building financial discipline. Keep these best practices in mind, and the Indigo card can prove to be a very valuable addition to your financial portfolio for years to come.

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