Indigo Ka-Ching: Rewards Take Flight

The Indigo Kaching Card is the loyalty rewards credit card for the Canadian bookstore chain Indigo. With this card, shoppers can earn and redeem Kaching points for discounts on Indigo purchases. For avid Indigo customers, the Kaching Card provides an easy way to save money while shopping for books, toys, home décor and more.

In this guide, we’ll explore how the Indigo Kaching Card works, strategies for earning and redeeming rewards, and how to maximize the value you get from the program.

Overview of the Indigo Kaching Card

The Indigo Kaching Card is the proprietary rewards credit card issued by Indigo for its loyalty members. Like other retail rewards cards, the Indigo Kaching Card offers cardholders perks and savings opportunities:

  • Earn – Cardholders earn 5% back in Kaching rewards points on every Indigo purchase. Points accumulate quickly, especially for frequent shoppers.
  • Redeem – Points can be redeemed for discounts on future Indigo purchases. 1000 points is worth $10 off. There is no minimum for redemptions.
  • Bonus Points – Cardholders get access to bonus point days, seasonal promotions, and other point-boosting perks.
  • Track – An online Kaching account lets members view point balances, redemption history, and bonus offers.

The Indigo Kaching Card is free to sign up for and use. It can be used both online at and at any retail location across Canada. Points and rewards benefits are tied directly to the cardholder’s Kaching account.

Benefits of the Kaching Rewards Program

The Indigo Kaching Card comes with a suite of benefits designed to save members money and make shopping more rewarding:

Earn 5% Back in Rewards on Every Purchase

The biggest perk of the Kaching Card is earning an uncapped 5% back in rewards points. Most retail cards offer 1-3% earn rates, and many cap annual earnings. With the Indigo card, every dollar spent earns points, adding up to big savings over time. Frequent Indigo shoppers who use the card for all their purchases can quickly accumulate points for discounts.

Redeem Points for Instant Discounts

Members can redeem Kaching rewards points for dollar-off discounts on Indigo purchases. The redemption rate is:

  • 1000 points = $10 off
  • 2000 points = $20 off
  • 5000 points = $50 off

Redemptions are reflected instantly at checkout either online or in stores. There’s no minimum threshold to redeem – even 200 points can be used for a $2 discount. Redeemed points are deducted from the member’s balance.

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Get Bonus Points and Perks

On top of 5% earn rates, Kaching Card holders get access to seasonal bonuses and promotions. Examples include:

  • Bonus point days – Occasional promotions that offer 10-20% extra points
  • Targeted bonuses – Extra points for purchasing certain items
  • Free shipping – No minimum for free shipping online
  • Exclusive offers – First access to sales and promotions

These perks accelerate point earnings so members can save faster. They also add excitement and incentivize purchases during bonus periods.

Easy Tracking and Redemption

Kaching members can log into their online account or mobile app to view point balances and redemption activity:

  • The dashboard shows points earned, redeemed, and current balance
  • Redemption history tracks discounts applied to purchases
  • Bonus points are reflected when they are activated
  • Points never expire as long as the account remains active

From the account, points can be instantly redeemed at checkout on At in-store checkouts, cashiers can look up member accounts and redeem points too.

Strategies for Maximizing Points Earnings

While the 5% earn rate passively accumulates points, members can boost earnings significantly through targeted strategies:

Take Advantage of Bonus Points Promotions

Seasonal bonus point offers are the best way to accelerate point earnings. Here are tips for maximizing them:

  • Pay attention to Bonus Points Days and plan shopping trips around them
  • Look for targeted bonuses on items already on your list
  • Shop early during the promo period before inventories sell out
  • Pool points with family members to combine earnings from multiple accounts

Timing purchases strategically around bonus promotions lets you earn points faster with minimal additional spending.

Shop Frequently to Drive Incremental Points

Frequent shopping isn’t necessary to earn rewards, but it does accelerate point earnings. Some tips:

  • Make Indigo your go-to for books, toys, games, décor, electronics
  • Link Kaching Card to Indigo plum account to combine loyalty programs
  • Shop consistently instead of all at once to spread out point gains
  • Purchase gifts, cards, stationary, and other recurring needs at Indigo

The more purchases made, the faster your points add up. Even small everyday purchases yield incremental points over time.

Spend Strategically to Earn Points Faster

To earn points most efficiently, focus additional spending on:

  • High-margin categories like books, toys, games, and consumer electronics
  • Big ticket items that will earn larger point totals
  • Stocking up on essentials like greeting cards and stationery supplies

Avoid going over budget just to earn points. But when there is flexibility, choose higher point-earning purchases.

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Refer Friends to Get Bonus Points

Indigo offers bonus points for referring friends who sign up for the Kaching Card. Typical offers are:

  • 500 bonus points for each successful referral
  • 1000 points if the referral purchases within 30 days

Referrals are an easy way to get bonus points without additional spending.

Link to Plum Rewards for Extra Points

Linking a Kaching Card to an Indigo Plum Rewards account combines points earning. Plum members get base points on all purchases, plus Kaching Card holders earn additional points.

Strategies for Getting the Most Value from Points

Points become more valuable when redeemed strategically. Here are some tips:

Wait to Redeem Points for Maximum Discounts

Since points don’t expire, it’s better to let balances accumulate so discounts can be maximized:

  • Hold off on redemptions until you have at least 2000 points ($20 value)
  • Be patient and let points build up for bigger redemptions over time

Avoid the temptation to redeem points as soon as thresholds are reached. Letting points accumulate results in greater overall savings.

Check Point Redemption Rates Frequently

Keep an eye on the real-time redemption rates listed in your account. Indigo periodically runs redemption bonus offers:

  • Temporary increases like 750 points for $10 off
  • Bonus value days, usually coinciding with sales
  • Multi-tiered offers like $30 off for 2500 points

Redeem when rates are boosted to stretch savings further. But don’t hoard points waiting for the best rate if you need the discount now.

Use Points for Large Purchases to Maximize Savings

The greatest savings come from redemptions on big-ticket items. Some options:

  • New release hardcover books and box sets
  • High-end toys, games, and electronics
  • Furniture, kitchenware, decor, and appliances
  • Bundles and gift sets

If you already planned to buy a more expensive item, redeeming points is an easy way to offset the cost.

Pool Points with Family to Gain Rewards Faster

Households can link multiple accounts together:

  • Consolidates points from several earners
  • Reach redemption thresholds sooner
  • Maximize savings on large shared purchases

Connecting accounts is an easy way to accelerate rewards across the family.

Best Purchases for Earning and Redeeming Points

Not all Indigo products are equal when it comes to rewards optimization. Focus spending on these high-ROI categories:

Books – High-margin category great for earning points quickly. Redeem on expensive box sets and hardcovers.

Toys & Games – Big-ticket items that yield large point totals. Use points for high-end STEM toys and board games.

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Electronics – Points add up fast on portable electronics. Maximize value by redeeming on iPads, headphones, and e-readers.

Indigo Café – Frequent coffee and food purchases lead to incremental points over time. Points can be used for Café gift cards.

Gift Cards – An overlooked redemption category. Use points for gift cards to give great presents.

Comparing the Indigo Kaching Card to Other Loyalty Programs

The Indigo Kaching Card provides strong value compared to other Canadian loyalty programs:

vs. Plum Rewards

  • Plum offers a lower 3% earn rate on purchases
  • Plum points expire if the account has had no transactions for 18 months
  • Minimum Plum redemption is 1750 points, compared to no minimum for Kaching

For Indigo shoppers, earning at 5% and no point expiration gives Kaching the advantage. Kaching also offers a better everyday earning rate.

vs. Aeroplan Credit Card

  • Aeroplan miles can be redeemed across a broader network of retailers
  • But Aeroplan has less generous redemption rates compared to Kaching points
  • Aeroplan miles expire after 7 years of account inactivity

Aeroplan’s flexibility is countered by lower per-point value and mile expiration. Kaching offers higher savings potential specifically at Indigo.

vs. Scene Rewards Card

  • Scene offers bonus point categories like restaurants, entertainment, and travel
  • But no bonus points on the books, toys, electronics, and other Indigo merchandise

The scene is better for a multi-category spender. For pure Indigo shoppers, Kaching earns and redeems at much higher rates.

Maximizing the Indigo Kaching Credit Card

The Indigo Kaching Card is designed to provide the most value to customers who do a significant portion of their shopping with Indigo. Here are some best practices:

  • Use the Kaching Card for all Indigo purchases to maximize points earnings
  • Take full advantage of seasonal bonus points days and targeted promotions
  • Hold off on redeeming points until you can maximize the value of discounts
  • Pool points from multiple household members into one account to gain rewards faster
  • Focus spending on high-point-earning categories like books, toys, electronics and gift cards
  • Compare redemption rates frequently and redeem strategically for the highest value

For Indigo loyalists, using the Kaching Card consistently, redeeming carefully, and pooling points can lead to substantial savings on Indigo purchases over time. The program comes with nice perks, but the rewards shine for big Indigo spenders buying items in high-point categories.

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