Unlock eBooks with Indigo’s Kobo Gift Card

Booklovers rejoice! Kobo gift cards provide the perfect way for avid readers across Canada to maximize their savings and rewards when shopping for their next reads. These gift cards can be seamlessly used at both Kobo for purchasing eBooks or audiobooks, and at any Indigo, Chapters, Coles or Indigospirit store to buy print books, gifts and more. By providing flexibility across the two premier book retail experiences, Kobo gift cards enable customers to take advantage of special offers, loyalty programs, and discounts across both brands. This opens up more opportunities to earn and accumulate points that translate into even more rewards, including free books! For bookworms looking to make the most of their reading budgets, Kobo gift cards are an unbeatable option.

A Match Made in Reading Heaven: Kobo and Indigo

To fully understand the unique benefits of Kobo gift cards, it’s important to first review the stories behind Kobo and Indigo. These two powerhouse brands in the Canadian book retail landscape have been closely intertwined since Indigo purchased Kobo back in 2009.

The Kobo Story – From eReader Underdog to eReading Challenger

Kobo was founded in 2009 by Michael Serbinis and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The startup originally made a name for itself by launching the Kobo eReader as an underdog competitor to Amazon’s dominant Kindle e-reader. Early Kobo devices focused on providing a social eReading experience through integration with the Kobo bookstore and apps.

Over the past decade, Kobo has expanded far beyond just making reading devices. Today, the company offers apps, eBooks, audiobooks and digital reading subscriptions to customers around the world. While Kobo may still play second fiddle to Amazon in the global digital book market, it remains a prominent player, especially in its home country of Canada.

In 2012, Kobo was acquired by Rakuten, a massive Japanese e-commerce company. This gave Kobo the financial backing and resources to continue growing its catalogue of digital books and reach new international audiences. Under Rakuten, Kobo has also come out with newer iterations of its flagship e-reader designed to compete with Amazon’s offerings.

Most importantly for this exploration, Kobo has developed an extensive loyalty rewards program for its customers, known as Kobo Super Points. Points can be earned on both eReader devices and eBooks purchased through Kobo’s online store and apps. Once enough points have accumulated, customers can then redeem these points for free eBooks and audiobooks offered from Kobo’s vast catalogue.

Kobo also regularly sells gift cards that can be used towards eBook or audiobook purchases from their bookstore. These gift cards come in various denominations ranging from $10 up to $500. As a bonus, purchasing Kobo gift cards also earns customers more Kobo Super Points, making them a strategic part of maximizing one’s rewards.

The Indigo Story – Canada’s Homegrown Bookstore

Indigo Books & Music has an equally fascinating story. Founded in 1996 by Heather Reisman, Indigo began as a mega bookstore concept designed to provide customers with an expansive selection of books, music, movies and gifts all under one roof. Early Indigo stores included the Book Loft where hot drinks and treats could be enjoyed while browsing and reading. This innovative format helped Indigo stand out against other Canadian book retailers at the time.

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Indigo originally opened under the name “Indigo Books, Music & More” before rebranding to Indigo Books & Music in 2001. The next year marked exponential growth for the company as Indigo merged with rival book retailer Chapters, and acquired the smaller Coles chain. Indigo has also operated speciality stores under the names Indigospirit, IndigoTech, and IndigoKids.

Today, Indigo remains the largest book and speciality retailer in Canada with over 200 locations across all provinces under its various banners, including:

  • Indigo – The large format flagship stores that include books, gifts, toys, home décor and electronics. They continue to feature the indoor Book Loft café where bibliophiles can lounge while perusing potential reads.
  • Chapters – These mid-sized stores also focus on books and gifts with a more limited selection. Most Chapters stores do not contain a Book Loft café.
  • Coles – The small mall-based bookstores that offer a curated selection of popular titles and bestsellers.
  • Indigospirit – Launched in 2004, these tranquil boutique stores offer books and gifts focused on health, wellness and living a conscious life.

Beyond just retail locations, Indigo also operates a thriving online bookstore that ships across Canada and has further expanded into selling eReaders, eBooks and audiobooks. This segues into Indigo’s acquisition of Kobo back in 2009, a strategic move to compete in the digital reading space. Later that year, Indigo launched its eReader – the Indigo-branded Kobo eReader – into stores.

Much like Kobo, Indigo also maintains its loyalty program known as Plum Rewards. Customers earn points called Plum points on the majority of purchases made online or in-store. These points can then be redeemed for monetary discounts on future purchases. There are also higher point-earning opportunities for members who pay the $39 annual fee for Plum Plus status.

A Match Made in Bookish Heaven

The symbiotic relationship between Indigo and Kobo that blossomed after the 2009 acquisition has benefited book lovers ever since. Indigo gained a competitive eReader device and access to Kobo’s exploding digital bookstore. Kobo now had its eReading devices prominently displayed in hundreds of prime retail locations across Canada.

But perhaps most uniquely, the loyalty programs of both brands became intertwined. Kobo customers could now earn points when buying print books at Indigo to redeem for eBooks on Kobo. And Indigo shoppers could pick up points for buying eReaders in addition to their other purchases.

The creation of Kobo gift cards took this strategic relationship even further for the ultimate customer experience. Now Kobo customers can buy Kobo gift cards to spend at the extensive Indigo retail locations while stocking up their own Kobo Super Points. Indigo devotees could purchase Kobo gift cards to not only shop at their favourite bookstore but also treat themselves to eBooks without having to leave the loyalty program.

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For book lovers, it was a match made in reading heaven!

The Benefits of Getting Your Read On with Kobo Gift Cards

A Kobo gift card offers the best of both the Indigo and Kobo reading worlds. But what specifically are the perks and advantages of choosing a Kobo gift card over another retailer’s offering for the bookworm in your life (or for your own self-gifting needs!)?

Double Dipping into Loyalty Rewards Programs

The most unique benefit of Kobo gift cards is the ability to maximize points earned and rewards across both Indigo’s Plum Rewards and Kobo’s Super Points programs. Savvy readers can double dip into this sweet loyalty rewards pool in ways no other book retailer can match.

Purchasing a Kobo gift card itself earns Plum Reward points that can be redeemed at Indigo for monetary savings on future book purchases. Then, when that gift card is used to buy books – whether print at Indigo or digital via Kobo – the customer racks up additional Plum and Super Points. It’s a win-win!

With just one gift card purchase, booklovers can quickly accumulate points to spend on even more books, essentially getting free reads. This double-dipping into the rewards programs accelerates the savings faster than sticking to just one retailer.

Seamless Shopping In-Store or Online

Another advantage to Kobo gift cards is the seamless ability to shop at either Indigo’s vast network of retail stores or online through Kobo’s digital bookstore. There’s no need to lock yourself into just one buying experience.

Perhaps you prefer leisurely browsing titles in person and appreciating the treasures found on shelves. Kobo gift cards enable this by being redeemable at any Indigo, Chapters, Coles or Indigospirit store across Canada. There’s something nostalgic and serendipitous about discovering a new book while weaving through the aisles of a cosy bookstore like Indigo.

Or maybe you’re a power user who wants instant anytime access to eBooks via Kobo’s apps and website. Kobo gift cards let you quickly purchase and start reading digital books without ever leaving your sofa. You can buy titles across any device and have them synced via Kobo’s cloud service.

With Kobo gift cards, book lovers don’t have to choose or be limited to just one shopping method. Readers can buy titles from the comfort of home, or venture out to their local Chapters for a change of scenery. There’s no right or wrong way, and the Kobo gift card supports them all!

Perfect for Bookish Gifting or Self-Gifting

The versatility of Kobo gift cards makes them an ideal gift option for the bookworms in your life. You don’t need to know which specific authors or genres the recipient likes to read. And you don’t have to guess if they prefer print, digital or audio books. With a Kobo gift card, they can choose for themselves!

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Giving the gift of reading also feels more meaningful than gifting a random trinket or appliance. Books have the power to teach, provide escapism, and broaden horizons. You can feel good knowing your gift helped unlock those worlds for someone.

And let’s be honest, Kobo gift cards make for phenomenal self-gifts too! Treat yourself to the latest bestseller without the guilt, or get a few new eBooks for your next road trip read. Everyone deserves a little treat now and then!

Strategies for Maximizing Value from Kobo Gift Cards

Hopefully, it’s clear by now just how versatile and rewarding Kobo gift cards can be. But how exactly can you maximize the perks and value received? Follow these tips and tricks to get the most from your Kobo gift card purchase or redemption:

Be Strategic In Earning Rewards Points

The key to maximizing value from Kobo gift cards is strategically earning points in both loyalty programs. Here are some smart ways to rack up points quickly:

  • Always purchase Kobo gift cards to earn Plum points upfront
  • Redeem gift cards first on the most expensive books like newly released hardcovers
  • When buying books, choose eBooks over print to earn bonus Super Points
  • Buy an eReader or other Kobo electronics to score additional Super Points
  • Sign up for Plum/Kobo newsletters for special coupon codes and point offers

Take Advantage of Sales and Promotions

Keep an eye out for monthly promotions or seasonal sales that can help stretch your gift card savings even further:

  • Use Plum points you’ve earned to get extra discounts on purchases
  • Look for monthly Kobo book deals to get popular eBooks at a low price
  • Shop seasonal sales like Boxing Day or Back to School at Indigo stores
  • Sign up for author pre-order campaigns to get the hottest new releases for less

Buy and Redeem Gift Cards Strategically

To maximize value, be intentional with how you buy and use Kobo gift cards:

  • Opt for larger gift cards to get bigger discounts and upfront points
  • Break up gift card purchases into multiple smaller chunks to earn points faster
  • For self-use, buy denominations that make sense for your average monthly book spending
  • For gifting, stick to round numbers like $25 or $50 that feel more substantial

The Sky’s the Limit for Bookish Rewards!

With the right strategies, Kobo gift cards can unlock tremendous savings and freebies for book lovers shopping at Indigo and Kobo. You’ll never have to pay full price for books again! Let your literary adventures take flight by maximizing the programs to their full potential. Happy reading!

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