Indigo Card Careers: Join Our Team! is a leading fintech company that provides innovative digital banking and payment solutions to consumers and businesses. Founded in 2015, has quickly grown to serve over 5 million customers globally. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has additional offices in New York, London, and Singapore. offers a suite of financial products including deposit accounts, business accounts, lending, and peer-to-peer payments. Their technology platform and mobile app enable customers to easily manage their finances digitally from anywhere. The company focuses on using technology to create more financial access and flexibility for individuals and businesses.

With its rapid growth and innovative products, has many exciting career opportunities across departments like engineering, operations, marketing, sales, people and culture, legal and compliance, and finance. The company has a supportive, collaborative culture that empowers employees to do meaningful work, develop professionally, and advance their careers within the organization.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the diverse career paths at We’ll provide an overview of the benefits of working for, open job positions, what it’s like to work in each department, tips for applying and interviewing, and reasons why is a great place to grow your career in fintech.

Benefits of Working at offers outstanding benefits and perks to help employees thrive:

  • Competitive Salary and Equity Packages: Salaries are competitive with similar fintech firms and employees have opportunity to earn equity.
  • Flexible Work Options: Employees can work flexibly through remote work, flexible hours, and generous vacation time. supports work-life balance.
  • Professional Development: There are ample training and development resources including conferences, workshops, mentorship programs, and learning stipends.
  • Wellness Programs: The company provides comprehensive health/dental/vision insurance plans, along with wellness perks like gym subsidies.
  • Inclusive Culture: fosters a diverse, inclusive environment where all employees feel welcomed and valued.
  • Meaningful Work: Employees get the chance to work on products and services that have a real positive impact on people’s financial lives.

Working at provides the opportunity to have an exciting career in fintech while also enjoying strong benefits, flexibility, paid time off, and meaningful work that makes a difference.

Open Positions at is hiring for roles across departments and levels of experience. Here are some of the key positions that are often open at the company:


  • Software Engineers: Frontend, backend, full-stack, and mobile engineers design and build the technology products. They use latest frameworks and languages like React, Node.js, Python, Swift, and Kotlin.
  • Site Reliability Engineers: SREs ensure systems run smoothly through monitoring, debugging, troubleshooting and automation. Knowledge of Linux, networking and cloud platforms is needed.
  • Data Engineers: Collect, store and organize data from various sources. Experience with data pipelines, SQL/NoSQL databases, Hadoop and Spark required.
  • Product Managers: Lead cross-functional product teams to gather requirements, and define strategy and roadmaps. Strong analytical and communication skills are needed.
  • Designers: UI/UX designers optimize user experience. Visual designers create branding, graphics, and visuals. Expertise in design tools like Figma and Adobe Creative Suite is required.


  • Account Managers: Relationship managers for enterprise and small business customers. Manage renewals, and upsells, and ensure client success.
  • Business Operations: Enable business processes, forecasting, reporting and strategy. Analytical and organizational skills required. Experience in fintech is a plus.
  • Customer Support: Provide support to resolve technical and account issues via phone, chat, and email. Customer service skills are essential.
  • Fraud Analysts: Detect and mitigate fraudulent activity. Conduct investigations, identify risks, and implement solutions.
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  • Social Media Strategists: Manage social media presence, and engage audience across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Content Marketers: Produce compelling, helpful content across websites, blogs, social media, and ads. Strong writing ability is essential.
  • Email Marketers: Plan, create, and optimize email campaigns. Expertise in email service providers and analytics tools is needed.
  • Paid Acquisition: Manage acquisition through SEM, social ads, and affiliates to generate leads and customers. Analytical with expertise in paid channels.


  • Account Executives: Sell products and services to prospective mid-market and enterprise clients. Experience selling SaaS or fintech preferred.
  • Business Development Reps: Source leads, qualify prospects, and develop pipelines across the assigned territory. Hunters with persuasion skills succeed.

People and Culture

  • Recruiters: Identify, attract and hire engineering, product, and other talent. Sourcing, interviewing, and closing candidates.
  • People Operations: Support various HR functions like onboarding, compensation, performance management, and employee relations. HR knowledge is required.
  • Learning and Development: Create training programs, facilitate workshops, and provide coaching to enhance employee skills and leadership capabilities.

Legal and Compliance

  • Paralegals: Assist with legal research, contracts, and filings. Help ensure the company follows regulations. Organized with legal experience.
  • Compliance Officers: Oversee compliance with financial services regulations. Conduct audits, track regulatory changes, and liaise with regulators.


  • Financial Analysts: Partner with execs and department leaders on financial planning, forecasting, and reporting. Expert Excel and financial modelling skills are required.
  • Accountants: Oversee general ledger, reconciliations, closings, and financial controls. CPA preferred.

Working at by Department

Now let’s explore what it’s like working in some of the key departments at and the types of career opportunities available.


The engineering department is at the core of developing the platform, apps and products that bring’s solutions to life. Engineers work on diverse technologies to build fast, scalable, and secure systems.

Software engineers collaborate closely with product managers and designers to code new features and improvements. They implement frontend interfaces, backend services, API endpoints, databases, and more. Technology leveraged includes React, Node.js, Kubernetes, AWS cloud services, Python, Swift and many others.

Site reliability engineers focus on infrastructure, deployment automation, availability and performance. They tap into their Linux, networking and troubleshooting skills to address outages and keep services running smoothly.

Data engineers aggregate data from many sources, construct pipelines to move data and build the data storage and infrastructure. They employ technologies like Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Cassandra, Redshift and more.

The engineering culture encourages constant learning and values collaboration. Engineers participate in design and road mapping discussions to shape the technology direction. There are opportunities to publish open source libraries, speak at meetups and conferences, and engage with the fintech community.

Engineers can grow their skills and advance within the organization by becoming tech leads, engineering managers, directors and VPs. Seasoned leaders can also move into startup founder and CTO roles leveraging their experience.


The operations department keeps the business running smoothly and ensures excellent client experiences.

Account managers nurture relationships with enterprise and small business customers. They handle contract renewals, upsells, account expansions, and drive retention through timely support and advice.

Business operations associates enable workflows, systems, and analytics across the company. They assist planning, performance tracking, data analysis, and strategy development.

Customer support associates troubleshoot issues, respond to questions, and provide helpful guidance on products and services. They demonstrate patience and friendliness while resolving problems accurately.

Fraud analysts safeguard systems and users from attacks and suspicious activity. They undertake investigations, monitor for emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and enact protective measures.

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The operations team values detail orientation, organization, analytical abilities, communication skills and a customer-centric approach. They partner closely with technical teams and leadership to keep the business growing efficiently.

Standout operations team members who demonstrate business acumen and management potential can rise to lead key functions or departments. The department offers opportunities to gain expertise across diverse areas at the core of company operations.


The marketing department is essential for growing brand awareness, generating leads, and communicating’s story.

Social media strategists plan and execute campaigns across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to engage followers. They identify and collaborate with influencers to expand their reach.

Content marketers produce videos, blog posts, guides, and other materials that attract visitors and leads. They focus on search engine optimization and compelling storytelling.

Email marketers create and optimize campaigns, segment lists, and analyze results driving engagement and conversions. They employ solid copywriting and technical knowledge of email service providers.

Paid acquisition specialists manage advertising channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, native networks and affiliates. They A/B test messaging and offers while optimizing budgets and ROI.

Marketing team members are creative self-starters with solid written and verbal skills. They employ data-driven strategies and experimentation to maximize impact. The collaborative department culture allows growing skills across channels and sharing best practices.

Standout marketing professionals can progress to lead generation, channel specialization, marketing operations and leadership roles like VP of Marketing. Cross-functional mobility into products and partnerships is also possible.


The sales department is critical for revenue growth by acquiring new prospects and expanding existing customer relationships.

Account executives identify and establish relationships with potential mid-market and enterprise clients. They prospect through research, events, referrals and outbound calls/emails. Presentations and demos highlight’s value proposition.

Business development representatives take a high-volume approach to connecting with and qualifying inbound leads. They also proactively source new prospects through cold outreach. Data-driven tracking of calls, conversations and pipeline activity is essential.

Sales professionals should be sociable, persistent, and able to communicate’s services compellingly. Relationship-building and consultative skills drive long-term client success leading to growth.

Top salespeople can progress to senior account executive, sales engineering, sales management, and VP Sales roles. Valuable experience in complex B2B sales can set up advancement at future companies too.

People and Culture

The people and culture function sustains the organization as it rapidly scales.

Recruiters source, screen, and hire exceptional talent, especially for engineering, product design, data science and more. They identify prospects through Boolean search, events, referrals and outbound networking.

People operations generalists assist with HR functions like onboarding new hires, performance management, compensation planning, employee relations, and policy compliance. They partner with leadership on initiatives that enhance the employee experience and culture.

Learning and development specialists assess organizational needs, create meaningful training programs, and provide coaching/mentoring. They ensure employees at all levels build leadership abilities and skills for growth.

The people and culture team exhibits compassion, commitment to diversity & inclusion, and supports the company mission. There are opportunities to gain broad HR experience that can translate into specialist or management roles in this function.

Legal and Compliance

The legal and compliance function ensures follows regulations across departments like lending, payments and fraud.

Paralegals conduct legal research, develop contracts/filings, and assist with corporate governance needs. They track compliance issues, disputes, and requirements across business lines.

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Compliance officers stay updated on financial services regulations from entities like the SEC, CFPB and state agencies. They perform risk assessments, and audits, and develop training on requirements for employees.

This team possesses strong legal knowledge, meticulous detail orientation, and communication skills. They safeguard the company by identifying obligations, risks and changes needed proactively.

Standout legal/compliance team members can rise to senior and lead positions within the department. Some pursue law degrees part-time or fully to enable progression to General Counsel roles.


The finance team manages essential functions like financial planning, reporting, budgeting and analysis.

Financial analysts partner closely with departmental leaders on forecasts, operating plans, key metrics and reporting needs. Extensive skills in Excel, financial modelling, analysis and presentations are required.

Accountants handle general ledger accounting, monthly/quarterly closings, balance sheet reconciliations and allocation. Knowledge of accounting standards and software like NetSuite is expected.

Finance provides vital visibility into company performance and economics. They enable data-driven decisions on budgets, growth plans and resourcing.

Strong finance team members can advance to senior analyst, manager, director and VP of Finance positions. Some pursue MBAs or CPA designations to broaden experience for CFO roles.

Tips for Applying and Interviewing at

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at, here are some tips to consider:

  • Tailor Resume/Cover Letter: Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your most relevant background and results for each role. Demonstrate passion for fintech.
  • Showcase Relevant Skills: Feature your top skills prominently, especially technical expertise, software knowledge, industry experience, etc. that match the position.
  • Highlight Interest in the Company: Share specific reasons why you are excited about’s mission, values and team. Use examples to show fit.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Research role, department and company to have insightful questions ready. For technical roles, brush up on coding skills.
  • Ask About Culture: Inquire about company culture, collaboration, learning opportunities and career growth potential during interviews.
  • Be Your Authentic Self: Express your unique personality, communication style and values naturally. The company embraces diversity.
  • Ace Virtual Interviews: If video interviews, test equipment, connection, lighting and framing beforehand. Stay engaged by looking at the camera.

Thoughtfully crafted application materials, interview preparation, and showcasing your genuine professional passion and potential can position you for success in the process.

Conclusion offers outstanding career opportunities for professionals across many disciplines including engineering, operations, marketing, sales, people and culture, legal, compliance, and finance. Employees can contribute to building innovative fintech products that empower people’s financial lives.

The company culture is collaborative, data-driven, and growth-oriented with a mission that makes a meaningful impact. invests heavily in employee development through training, mentorship, events and learning resources.

Professionals at all levels will find opportunities to expand their skills and advance their careers over the long term into more senior individual contributor or management roles. The experience gained in leading fintech products and innovations also becomes a valuable foundation for future entrepreneurial and leadership endeavours.

For those excited by the fast-paced fintech space and passionate about creating better financial access, offers rewarding challenges and growth potential. The company is shaping the future of how money moves and making positive changes through technology. This comprehensive guide provided an overview of the many compelling career opportunities available across departments for those eager to learn, develop and make an impact in fintech.

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